ToothpasteDragon's character, Baz. A gift art I made for her for a Three Kings' Day Gift Exchange. c:
A commission for DreagonArchives of her character Guido, dressed in a valentine-themed Onceler outfit and pointy anime sunglasses.
My character Sleepi, from Torn Apart. I've been doing a lot of work on her story with my friend CC. It's hard work, but we've come far.
Bejeweled Winterbringer
A creature design I made for Crystallink. She gave me a moodboard featuring a wolf, icicles, necklaces, arrows and tree branches and a wintery mountain scene, and this is where I took it.
The Bejewled Winterbringer is a creature livingĀ in the mountains beyond the Hub City. It is thought that leaving jewelry at its dens will make it release its hold on winter.
More to come! Check back in later for more updates. :)

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