My re-edited banner on most of my socials. It features Sleepi, the character on the left, from my novel project Torn Apart, as well as... well, someone else you might meet once the story gets out there. :)
A picture of my character Tsuname, a redoing of an older picture I did of him in a similar pose. The background features a Creative Commons image of the sea.
A front and back reference of my character Sz'nami. I did a slight tweak to this in 2022, but most of the work was done in 2021.
A picture I did for Twili-Skull-Kid on ArtFight of her Zora character, Rori! She's super cute. :)
A few designs of the captive aliens that are rescued in my Alienverse Series.
From left to right:
Fleiana, who belongs to a reptile/feline-like race called Diplokets.
Pharos, who belongs to an amphibious species called Ranians.
Rotos, a little robot boy from the Robotex line.
Kip, who belongs to a different feline-like race called the Ketturians.

I'll be posting the full set of the designs I've done so far as well as their lineup soon, so keep an eye out for that!
Left: Syneid, from a side story of the Aliens Saga. A conniving Herr gunning for the head of his platoon.
Right: Sz'nami once again, in a more painterly style.
Some planet designs I did! I continued this project in 2022, but for this year I only did a few. These are the best of the ones I did in 2021.
A Secret Santa for my good friend, Red! This is her Kitty, Sage. She's so cute. :3 I had another cat drawing I'd done for someone else, but Sage came out the best by far.

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