2020 was a difficult year and I didn't attend any cons, so this is mostly just a collection of what I think may be my best of the year.
I started off the year with some texture spheres. I should probably do more of them this coming year. One of the things I was told to work on at CTN in 2019 was my texture spheres, so I attempted to do just that. Heck, I think I might have even started some of these in December of 2019...? So not all of these are even the work of 2020, heh.
Later on, I made this work of an otter. I had planned to put in the background, but I kind of burned out on it.
Later in the year, I was commissioned to draw my friend's characters, Suravi and Louise. This is still probably one of my most polished works of 2020, heh.
Later on, I decided to try rendering a character of mine that usually is displayed in a more 2D, anime-esque style to see how she might transition over to realism. The hair probably needs work, but isn't that the way with anime hairstyles? Heh.
Around the same time, I was challenged to make my own rendition of a photo of a Victorian girl. I still really like how this came out!
In July came ArtFight! I had lots of fun drawing other people's characters, this one is my good friend Crystallink's character Inkpot!
Continuing with ArtFight, I drew my good friend Light's character Jinx! She was super fun to do. I'm still really proud of how that umbrella came out, though the shading is rather basic in this piece.
With ArtFight drawing to a close, one of my last finished pieces was my friend Yupio's character Misha. I really love his design, and I feel like this piece came out kind of distinctly anime-esque.
With ArtFight finished, I went back to personal work to figure out my commission sheet, so I made this piece for it.
For October, I did my own version of "Ink"tober, which I called Flowertober or 🌸tober. Here's a few of what I think were the best of that challenge.
Towards the end of the year, I did some face sketch challenges with some friends. These were my results.
A Secret Santa I did on one of the servers I'm in! It was really fun to redesign this character into something very Christmassy. I learned a lot from it, though I could have used to have fleshed out the pattern a bit more, I think.
One of the last things I did that year was of my character, Ron. I wanted to mess with lighting effects of how it'd look to having eyes that glinted like sun on snow, which is one of his characteristics as a Snow Guardian.

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