An example of a male and female Buddy. Buddys are the main race in the story of Knights & Lilies, which takes place in the world of Janis Imaginica.
A chart I made showing the four stages of Buddy growth.
Lily, one of the main characters of Knights & Lilies
A few of what I think are the best planet designs I did this year for my Alien Universe story.
Kentos, Fleiana's younger brother. He's one of the enslaved aliens that Naru and Shiido rescue in their story.
A design I did for a friend on Toyhouse. A tea candle fairy~
A photo study I did of a beautiful winter scene.
Some of the best hands and feet studies I did this year.
This year's best from ArtFight!
From left to right: Deco, Penelope (both Crystallink's characters); Naomi Woods (vanguv's character), Geneihu (wishbane's character), Sam (Sheltonee's character)
My original character, Waizu. The adoptive father of two, he has some rather... interesting ideas about what planets should and shouldn't exist. From my Alien Universe story.
The best of this year's Floratober. I think some of my best were the full backgrounds and circle compositions. I think I have just enough variance to the latter to not get too repetitive, even if I did come back to it a lot.

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